Who We Work With.

Our Ideal Customers

  • Growing small to medium enterprises that have a growing workforce.
  • Corporate's with a large number of employees.
  • Non-profits with large number of employees and volunteers.

Partners / Resellers

An example of our partners that are looking to add value to their customer base.
    • Recruitment Agencies can provide value-add to their customer base using pre-assessments that are designed to identify the security risk a candidate might pose to the organisation.
    • HR Consultancies can provide workforce assessment services to their customers and help flag unusual employee behaviour that will help highlight a human or system failure before it arises.
    • IT Service Providers can offer additional solutions to their customer base to based on our assessment of people.

Training Companies can use our assessments to identify areas of weakness and offer training services that will help strengthen them.

SUMMIT Solution Partners

We can partner with software vendors to offer their solutions to our customers.