What We Do.


We provide assessment services that help simplify the process to establish how well organisations are safeguarding information.

Privacy Sense

Built for website owners or managers to help identify their overall risk for data protection. The assessment comes in three parts which include the following:

  • A questionnaire which helps provide insight into current knowledge and practices. The results will become part of the Privacy Sense report which highlights risks and our expert recommendations.
  • A web privacy scan to provide you a clear picture of any unknown privacy violations that could cause reputational damage or financial loss.
  • A web vulnerability scan which will identify technical issues that need to be resolved to lower the risk of website hacks.

Assessments Coming Soon...

The following road map of assessments is currently being worked on.

  • PEAK for Insider Threat
  • ISO 27001 Readiness
  • ISO 22301 Readiness
  • Cyber Essentials Readiness
  • PCI-DSS Readiness
Enhance the protection of information


Beyond our assessments we provide a range of services that help enhance the protection of information.

  • Administrative Controls
  • Define Policies and Procedures
  • Establish Standards, Baselines and Guidelines
  • Training
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Technical Controls

Working with our technology partners we provide solutions that help our customers more resilient to security incidents and subsequent data breaches.

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Continual monitoring and improvement of information safeguards


Through our EVALUATE and RESOLVE programs we help you WIN. Through continual monitoring and improvement of your information safeguards we make sure it stays that way.

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