Welcome to Hannah!
Discovery, analysis and decision support solutions which help reduce the cost of achieving and maintaining compliance.

Who we are

Hannah is a specialist in information security and data protection that is dedicated to helping organisations protect reputation, avoid punitive fines and gain a competitive edge.

What We Offer

We provide solutions for automated discovery, data analysis and decision support which help lower the cost of compliance with privacy regulations and infosec standards.

Who We Help

Our customers are small to medium-sized businesses wishing to protect their business and who are looking to provide their customers with more assurance.

Privacy Sense Services

Privacy Sense (Beta)
Privacy Sense can automatically identify the information you are collecting and through a decision support system it can help you easily and clearly define a robust policy which suits the requirement of GDPR.
Impact Assessment
We can help you discover your privacy risks and implement measures to reduce them. Know what impact a breach of data could have on your organisation and reduce them by implementing layered measures of control.
Policy Health Check
The best advice on Data Protection is a legal one. Our legal services partner can help your organisation define a clear set of legally sound policies to ensure best practice when it comes to collecting and storing personal information.
Awareness Training
Are your employees aware of how personal information should be handled and safeguarded? Privacy awareness training lowers the risk of data breach.
Web Protection
Websites that collect sensitive information need to be well protected. We offer four individual services which cover maintenance, monitoring, advanced protection and secure hosting.

Hannah Founders

team member
Anna Kurpanik
Creative, high standards, exceptional results.
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Simon Shaw
Security expert, problem solver, solution finder.